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VAF Compliance Member of the CMIC Global

VAF Compliance is thrilled to announce its recent membership with CMIC Global, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to enhancing crypto market integrity best practices and standards development within the Virtual Assets industry. This collaboration with CMIC Global is poised to empower VAF Compliance in broadening its service offerings and delivering enhanced support to clients in the Risk, Compliance, and AML domains.

The partnership with CMIC Global presents a unique opportunity for VAF Compliance to tap into their wealth of knowledge and resources, thereby fortifying our ability to assist clients in navigating the intricate landscape of regulatory compliance. By uniting efforts with CMIC Global, VAF Compliance is well-positioned to elevate the level of service provided to clients and facilitate their compliance journey effectively.

Being a part of CMIC Global grants VAF Compliance access to an extended array of regulatory and compliance solutions, equipping us to furnish a more holistic range of services to our clients and aiding them in accomplishing their regulatory objectives with heightened efficiency and efficacy.

We are enthusiastic about the collaborative prospects with CMIC Global and look forward to sustaining our commitment to delivering top-notch regulatory and compliance services to our valued clients in the virtual assets sector. Stay tuned for further updates on this dynamic partnership!

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