Compliance Rating of Cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi Disappoints in Latest Industry Evaluation

The rating of C- was determined by VAF Compliance, which conducted a case study on cryptocurrency exchange Huobi. The rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has undoubtedly revolutionized the financial industry, offering a decentralized and transparent alternative to traditional payment systems. However, the industry faces a major hurdle that threatens to undermine its potential: compliance. […]

VAF Compliance Member of the DMCC Crypto Centre

Criminal activity around the world is at an all-time high. Criminal enterprises bring in billions of dollars in revenue each year. Monetary incentives are needed to keep criminals motivated and illegal activities going. Therefore, preventing the flow of crime-related funds and identifying the actors behind the funds are necessary to put an end to criminal […]

VAF Compliance Member of the CMIC

VAF Compliance is thrilled to announce that we have become member of the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition – CMIC We are honored to have been accepted and to be part of a group of the top crypto institutions and to be able to contribute to make digital assets better for everyone. We would like […]

VAF Compliance in the news

VAF Compliance was mentioned in the online newspaper Jornal Economico in Portugal in an opinion article about compliance in the crypto space and how to approach money laundering prevention.

FATF Travel Rule

What is FATF Travel Rule?  The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) released Recommendation 16 also known as the “Travel Rule”. The FATF is an organization that develops policies to prevent money laundering and block terrorist financing.  The Travel Rule requires financial institutions and cryptocurrency companies, otherwise known as Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs), to collect […]