Are you a cryptocurrency holder, trader or miner? Are you selling tokens or active in the digital assets space? V.A.F. Compliance can help you navigate the regulatory environment and banking system.

V.A.F. Compliance understands that compliance regulations and requirements are not always easy to understand and navigate. We are here to help.

V.A.F. Compliance can help you achieve your goals today. We will build your case for you, consolidate your transactional history and ensure that all your wallets are compliant and ready for onboarding. We have a 100% onboarding success rate.



With the help of our banking partners, we will assist you during the bank account opening process

Forensic reporting

Validate your virtual assets source of funds, demonstrating how your wealth was created

Transaction monitoring

Monitor virtual asset deposits and withdrawals for AML/CFT compliance

Consultancy services

An advisory service created to help our clients navigate the world of cryptocurrencies