Private client case: early cryptocurrency holder


V.A.F. Compliance was approached by a law firm for assistance with onboarding an early cryptocurrency holder who made initial profits in ETH by providing consultancy services to several defi projects and who later started to arbitrage, hedge and short the market, generating very high profits. He approached several banks which were all unable to verify both his source of wealth and source of funds due to the complexity of the case.

Our forensic solution

V.A.F. Compliance’s forensic reporting tool was used to complete a full KYC and AML profile of the client. We provided the client with a full transactional history of all wallets, together with full contract interactions between the client’s addresses and other wallets which helped to verify both the client’s source of wealth and source of funds. V.A.F. Compliance then introduced the client to one of our banking partners and successfully supported the client during the onboarding process.